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Homemade Energy Drink Mix


Want to start 2015 with plenty of energy?!

As someone dating a programmer, I know that Mountain Dew can be considered a food group. It seems we have an insomnia problem in America, with a new energy drink on the market every day.

Red Bull, Monster, Rock Star, Full Throttle, Amp, Boost.

Sure they give you a huge jolt of energy to get through the next final exam study session, afternoon slump, or laundry marathon. The problem is the added acids, chemicals, preservatives, and excessive amounts of sugar.

If you are trying to slowly rid your life of these things, but still love the energy rush, you can try making your own energy mix. I decided to take matters into my own hands and mix up something that would taste great and also serve the purpose of an energy drink without all the added extras.

You will need to invest in some bulk ingredients to make your own mix, but once you have them you can make your own energy drink mix for pennies per serving. That beats $1 or more per can by a long shot!

A really great site I’ve found for bulk powders, vitamins, and supplements is Bridge City Bulk. They have all types of vitamins, supplements, caffeine, match powder, and tons of organic teas I’m dying to try! Wherever you get yours from, make sure to carefully measure it and try to use a responsibly sourced dealer.

***A Very Important Disclaimer***
Caffeine is very dangerous in powdered form. You would need to drink hundreds of espressos to overdose naturally, but in powdered form it is far too easy to ingest way more than is safe. Generally it is recommended that you don’t consume more than 400 mg per day.

If you continue with this recipe, be very careful with measurements so that you are sure to not overdose, and do not drink more than 2 per day, or a total of 400 mg.



Step 1: Measure your ingredients. I measured out 3 grams of caffeine, and calculated the percent daily value of B vitamins in the final serving to determine how many vitamins to crush up and use. This will change depending on what type of vitamins and which source of caffeine you use. Be very careful when calculating measurements.


This recipe was designed to make 15 servings, so I then added enough drink mix to the vitamins & caffeine to equal 15 tablespoons. Thus the three grams of caffeine becomes 200 mg per serving. Add 1 tbsp of the mix to 16 oz of water and mix well.

You can customize this drink mix to whatever flavor you like, but because caffeine is extremely bitter alone, I wouldn’t recommend making this without some sort of flavored mix. Again, be sure to calculate and measure your ingredients and figure out your final serving sizes before trying this at home.


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Perfect Iced Coffee


If you ever tried to make an iced coffee at home only to end up with lukewarm, watery coffee; or if you’ve ever tried to make a homemade Frappuccino and ended up with cold coffee-scented water, this post is for you.

My friend B is a bit of a Starbucks addict. Any time the S word is mentioned, off we go for venti frappuccinos. Because of the significant toll this takes on your wallet, we started experimenting at home. Regular hot coffee is a no-brainer; it is far cheaper to brew your own in the mornings, saving you $1-4 per day. About $5 per pound of coffee and $1 for 100 filters will give you a few months of java.

The problem is when it heats up outside, a steaming cup of coffee isn’t so desirable. When you pour hot coffee over frozen water, physics dictates that you end up with a watery, tasteless, lukewarm beverage. Then she came up with the most brilliant idea ever: freeze extra coffee into coffee cubes!

coffee cubes

We then pop these into a plastic bag in the freezer, and use them when the hankering for an iced coffee hits. They can also be blended into your own version of a frappuccino. Feel free to add in sugar, honey, creamer, cocoa powder, Hershey’s syrup…


This saves money twice: extra coffee is not wasted, it is instead frozen for later. Also you can use that frozen coffee for two different types of frozen caffeinated beverages during the warm summer months.


Step 1: Just fill your mug with coffee cubes, and pour more coffee over it. It is best to let the coffee cool down, or even put it in the refrigerator to chill before pouring. Physics still says hot liquid over frozen things will cause it to melt. =)


Step 2: Add in your creamer and/or flavorings.


Step 3: Give it a mix, and enjoy! Take your iced drink to work, school, the pool, a picnic, whatever. If you want a Frappuccino, simply fill a blender with coffee cubes, pour in a cup of cool coffee and flavorings, and blend until smooth. You can add whipped topping, cinnamon, Khalua… whatever your heart desires.

Iced coffee

Enjoy non-watery iced coffee every summer from now on!