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The Budget Epicurean has its own home!

Welcome dear readers! I appreciate that you stopped by.  You may have noticed that the link up above is no longer attached to Google blogger.

That’s right! BudgetEpicurean.com is now live!

I have my very own self-hosted site now to do as I please. Hopefully that means making your experience even better as a reader. If you have any comments, concerns, or suggestions of topics you want covered, please feel free to contact me at budgetepicurean @ gmail. com

I will also be launching restaurant reviews and features very soon.

This will be any local, unique food place I or a contributor has visited and thought highly of and wishes to share with you. If you have suggestions for places, or have a restaurant/coffee shop/cafe/bakery you want me to visit and possibly feature, please email me. All input is welcome.

Please bear with me as I go through archives to be sure  everything switched over properly, and figure out this new site.

I’m also right in the thick of the Neuroscience Preliminary Exam, which consists of a written and oral exam, and determines whether or not we proceed to another year of graduate school. Posts may be sporadic for a few weeks. But then it will be summer, and we will get right back to delivering quality content!

Thanks for stopping by, and keep coming back for all the delicious recipes, nutrition and health articles, and finance/budgeting your heart desires. Hope you’re having as much fun reading as I’ve had creating!