We apologize for this interruption in our regularly scheduled programming…


But there is some issue with GoDaddy and running out of file folders or something of the sort. Moral of the story is, I can no longer upload a single photo or update anything… BE will be down indefinitely until myself and the IT Department (aka the boy!) can solve this mystery and bring it to a hopefully joyous conclusion including continued posts. We thank you for your patience!

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4 thoughts on “We apologize for this interruption in our regularly scheduled programming…”

    1. Haha a domain I’m holding on to is through GoDaddy. But since it’s not a website (i.e. is not Reaching for FI and therefore I’m not paying for hosting) it barely counts 😉

      BE, are you hosted with GoDaddy as well? I imagine it’s the hosting/storage you’re having trouble with, not the domain name.

    2. Yeah… I mean, this is a food blog, and I’ve been writing for 7 years with over 700 posts. That’s a lot of photos! And I don’t want to delete old posts… so… not sure where to go from here.

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