The Budget Epicurean has two e-cookbooks released on, which you can find here:


You can view my Author Page here:

The first in (hopefully) a series of Meal Plans has been released on Amazon!  This meal plan is designed to make ten meals which each serve four.  You can shop once, assemble all the meals in freezer bags or containers, freeze them, and then thaw and cook them in the crock pot! This saves you tons of time, money, and weeknight aggravation.  Never worry about the answer to “What’s for dinner?” again: Ten Crock Pot Freezer Meals, only $4.99.



The Budget Epicurean was featured in a podcast from Stacking Benjamins about the importance of meal planning and how it can save you time and money! Click the photo below to listen in.

Meal Planning Made Easy

Tune in to Stacking Benjamins podcast on Monday mornings and Friday afternoon for the short stack! Valuable financial advice and stories with a great sense of humor.

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