You know that classic Christmas song “12 Days of Christmas”? Of course you do. It’s so famous because who doesn’t want to end up with a whole house full of various fowl? A partridge, turtle dove, geese, calling birds, French hens, drummers drumming…. what a racket that house must be once their true love was finally done with the gifts!

Wouldn’t you prefer something a little more… well… practical for the 12 days of Christmas? I know I would! A rental house, book of financial knowledge, or fully funded IRA will serve you long after that goose is done laying and the lady is done dancing.

This train of thought came upon I Dream of FIRE upon a midnight clear, and he ran with it. You can read the story of this project’s birth and evolution on his site here. When I saw him send out the call for FI writers who could sing, I admit I was a bit nervous but my interest was piqued.

Turns out he wanted original vocals to give life to the words, and (without really thinking it through) I jumped right on board. I have had 14 years of professional vocal training, been in a dozen or so plays, musicals, and dinner theater productions, and was a cantor at three different Catholic churches all throughout my youth. But I hadn’t sang in over a decade at this point (a story for another time).

With my voice and his words, we were really onto something. But then he dared to dream bigger. What if we made this into a full on MOVIE with animations?! But who in the FI world could be up to such a task?

Cue My Sons Father, and his creative Lego characters. Known for his whimsical sense of humor in his own blog, I Dream of FIRE knew he would be tickled at the idea. And so he was. He jumped right on board with creating Lego characters of all our Financial heroes in the blogosphere, and contributed to some joke and design ideas.

And so, this epic music video was born! Please enjoy.

You can also go straight to YouTube to watch by clicking here. Tell your friends, and share the laughter and wealth!




The first in (hopefully) a series of Meal Plans has been released on Amazon!

This meal plan is designed to make ten meals which each serve four.  You can shop once, assemble all the meals in freezer bags or containers, freeze them, and then thaw and cook them in the crock pot! This saves you tons of time, money, and weeknight aggravation.

Never worry about the answer to “What’s for dinner?” again: Ten Crock Pot Freezer Meals, only $4.99.

The Budget Epicurean also has two e-cookbooks released on, which you can find here:


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Also if you have a product which is health-conscious, earth-friendly, and cost-effective and are interested in partnering with us, please email with details. Or if you have a fun, family-owned food destination (coffee shop, cafe, bakery, restaurant, food truck, etc) and would like an interview or feature here, email with details.



The BudgetEpicurean has been featured on Average Joe Money’s site, Stacking Benjamins. We talked about how to slash your budget and your waistline on the podcast: Creating a Meal Plan That Sticks.

Meal Planning Made Easy

Tune in to Stacking Benjamins podcast on Monday mornings and Friday afternoon for the short stack! Valuable financial advice and stories with a great sense of humor.


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Hey readers! Exciting news.

Walmart To Go is expanding to Grocery To Go. It is a shop online, home delivery service for food & other goods, and is now being offered in the Denver, CO area.


I was recently invited by Walmart Grocery To Go to collaborate on an event initiative. They will provide me with food and other items through their delivery service and I’ll photograph my events to show how their service fits my lifestyle.

They’re not paying me to say good things, and I’m free to share my honest opinions. If you want to know more about the service, check and enter your zip code to see if it’s available in your area yet.

Feel free to ask any questions using the hash-tags #PartyToGo and #WalmartGrocery.

You can read all the posts here:


I now offer private Health Coaching through the local holistic provider Collective Wellness. If you live in the Triangle Area (Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill and all the suburbs in between) of North Carolina, I would love to meet you!

Simply go to their Booking page, select “Initial Health Consultation”, choose “Jennifer” as the provider, and location as “Collective Wellness NC”. Then choose on the calendar when your availability matches and we will be in business!


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