What am I about?


I am a student of life (no longer an ‘actual’ student, thank goodness. 20 years is enough!) with widely varied interests, mostly centered on food, fitness, and frugality.

What started out as a shaky relationship with a microwave has blossomed into a full-time obsession. I love cooking and baking, shopping for groceries, discovering new ingredients, browsing  recipes, trying them out and creating my own new ones.

At the same time, as a two-decades-long student I am used to being… not so wealthy. So I also get creative in finding ways to make healthy, tasty meals on a budget.

Thus the name “Budget Epicurean” was conceived.

IMG_59201I’ve been in love with food for a long time. Food is good for the body and good for the soul. There is peace in chopping piles of fresh vegetables, a deep satisfaction in sitting down to a hot meal that you planned, shopped for, prepped, and put together.

Food brings people together.

A dinner party with family and friends, sharing stories and laughter, a gesture of love to a sick friend or a new mom, a special cake chosen by the birthday girl or boy, or a romantic home-cooked dinner date. These are the things that bind and last.

It is my belief that everyone should have the skills, courage, and knowledge to cook for and feed themselves, regardless of age, lifestyle, or upbringing. I want to share my knowledge and passion for good food, and never stop learning.

At the fusion of food, fun, frugality, and curiosity, you will find me.
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The fusion of food, fun, frugality, and curiosity.