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This is where I list the products and resources that have shaped my life and writing, and enable me to live a fabulously frugal life!

I do not have any business relationships with these products, people, or services. Some of these links are affiliate links. If you click on them, and choose to buy something, it will not affect the price you pay but this blog gets a small commission, which helps pay the bills around here.

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Slow Cooker – the number one frugal product in all the land, a frugal household is not complete without one (or two, or ten). They have fancy ones with timers and temperature gauges, they have multiple sets for parties and dips, or huge ones for batch cooking for large families or parties or tiny ones to cook solo or make a small amount of beans or dip. Whatever you choose, make sure to use it often!

Coldbrew Steep & Go – I’ve written a review of it, and I still love this little guy. With adapters to fit onto almost any size water bottle, this is my go-to way to lazily make delicious, healthy tea on the go.

Coffee Press – I got one for Christmas a few years back, and am so glad I did! The French press is awesome for making fresh coffee, or loose leaf tea, or steeping really anything that later needs filtered.

Coffee / Spice Grinder – honestly I don’t even know where I acquired this little guy or why. I’m sure it was given to me or picked up in a garage sale, because it’s not a thing I would normally buy. But now that I have it, I have discovered so many uses for it! It is excellent at grinding whole spices to create my own rubs or seasoning mixes, whole nuts into nut flour, as well as grinding whole coffee beans to use in conjunction with my French press.

Electric Water Kettle – given to us as a wedding gift, I love this little kettle. It is so much faster than boiling water on the stove, 3 liters is ready in under 5 minutes. And it holds more than a regular cup to microwave, so when it’s a cold day and I know I’m about to down a ton of hot tea, this is my go-to answer. Also great for making just 1-2 cups of coffee in the French press rather than a whole pot.

3-size metal strainers – these are awesome for everything from straining homemade stock, to making Greek yogurt from regular. They are dishwasher safe and don’t rust, I use at least one size almost every week.

Mason Jars! I can’t not mention these, there are infinite uses. I’ve used mason jars for making homemade kombucha, homemade yogurt, and overnight oats. They hold soups, smoothies, pasta salads, and regular salads. They can be a drinking glass for hot or cold beverages, contain dry goods, or be a simple flower vase. In sized from pints to quarts to jelly and jam to wide mouth for easy pouring, mason jars will fit your needs. Oh mason jars, how I love thee.


Mrs. Picky Pincher – Make frugality cool again.
Mrs. Picky Pincher is charting their future with eyes on the prize of paying off over $250,000 of debt and retiring early. With tons of ideas from food to decorating to socially conscious living, I adore her writing and wit as much as the financial insight.

ReachingForFI – DC adventures in pursuit of financial independence.
Erin writes from a place of authenticity and willingness to learn. We can all take away messages of strength and experimentation in pursuit of what works for us. Big city living on a small salary.

The Seasoned Mom – Bringing families together one simple meal at a time.
A busy mom of three growing boys who values fresh, whole foods, but above all her time. She specializes in short ingredients lists, whole foods, crockpot meals, and dump-and-bake recipes. My go-to for simple dinner-in-a-hurry ideas.

Frugalwoods –  Financial independence and simple living.
This couple decided in 2014 to retire very early, made possible by extreme frugality. They realized this dream a mere 2.5 years later, retiring to a homestead in the Vermont woods. Tons of life lessons and inspiration to be found here.

Bitches Get Riches – to share new advice for a changed world.
These bitches pull no punches with their scathing wit, subtle sarcasm, and pop culture and literary references galore. Learn how the world works and what you can do about it to get yourself out of the financial darkness and into the piles of money. While remaining a decent human being.

HipFitFoodie – Inspiration, Education, and Resources for Your Health Journey.
This blog by a friend of mine is so real yet so inspirational! She posts healthy, vegan recipes along with quick and easy workouts (including workouts for during pregnancy!) and meal plans. She is also a certified health coach / counselor!

Don’t Waste the Crumbs – A real food journey… on a real budget.
Mrs. Crumbs writes about all facets of frugal living, from 3-ingredient recipes to healthy and natural DIY beauty products, and travel hacks to grocery tips. I return time and again for great advice and recipes and ideas.

Mr. Money Moustache – Financial Freedom Through Badassity.
He is the “accidental leader of an ironic cult”, he advocates extreme frugality and muscle over motors in the pursuit of ultra early retirement and sustainable living.

Budget Bytes – Delicious recipes designed for small budgets.
I cannot sing the praises of this fabulous site enough! They have quite literally everything food related that you can imagine. Soups, stews, slow cooker meals, meal prep, meal plans, ethnic and exotic cuisines, sandwiches, breakfasts, and on and on.

Simple Dollar – I’ve been a subscriber for over a decade. Contains everything for frugal living from cooking and meal planning and grocery shopping to credit cards and bank accounts and career planning. Though it was sold a few years ago, Trent still writes for them, and is still one of my favorite finance writers.

From Cents to Retirement –  just a guy who got sick, and decided that rather than wait to become debilitated and live off social programs he would build himself a passive cashflow real estate empire. My hero.

BiggerPockets – this is an unbelievable resource for real estate investing! It’s where I go to get my fix on dreaming of owning a rental empire someday, read interesting articles, and even get great ideas on sprucing up and increasing value on my own primary home.

More Blogs I Love/Reading Material:


Mint.com – a free online budgeting tool, I love their simple to understand layout and the way you can create graphs and sort by time or type of expense. Read my more in-depth review here.

Personal Capital – basically the next step above Mint, they offer budgeting analysis but also investment and retirement projections. Just started using this, I’ll report back on how I like it soon.

StockSnap – a free beautiful stock photo service, many of the photos on this blog which are not mine come from here. I appreciate their services, especially for shots I can’t take myself!


Again, these are all blogs I actually read, books I have read & loved, or products I actually use. I do not get paid to promote any of these, though some are affiliate links. If you click and choose to buy, I will receive a small commission, and thank you for doing so! 

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