Angel Food Cake Roll with Vanilla Strawberry Filling

This is one of the few things I tried making for a Valentine’s Day bake-off competition. I chose my top three from a wide variety of online resources and did a test run. This one came out amazingly delicious, but it is harder than you might think to get it to roll up all pretty. So for aesthetic reasons this one didn’t make the cut. If you’re curious, the other of the top three were my Dark Chocolate Cherry Truffles, and my favorite, which did win the baking competition, were the I Choose You Pokeball red velvet cupcakes. Anywho, if you don’t care what it looks like, but only what it tastes like, or are an expert roller, then please try this! It was splendid.

1 box angel food cake mix
1 container whipped topping
1 box vanilla pudding mix
1 cup strawberry yogurt
Food coloring (optional)

Step 1: Mix the angel food cake and water (you can make an angel food cake from scratch, and bless your heart if you can!) and bake in a 9×13 pan. It was recommended that you line the pan with wax paper, and I really wish I had because that cake sticks.

 Step 2: In a separate bowl, mix the pudding, whipped topping and yogurt. Add red food coloring if you want brighter pink filling.

Step 3: Let the cake cool a bit, rolled in a wax-paper-covered paper towel. Then unroll, and spread the filling over it. Sprinkle the wax paper with powdered sugar as well.

 Step 4: Roll it back up, and freeze for about 30 minutes. You can leave it in there, just thaw for a few minutes before cutting.

 The filling was just slightly strawberry, light and fluffy without being overly sweet. It was a perfect balance to the airy angel food cake.

I had one slice alone, then another with vanilla ice cream. It would also be delicious with cut up strawberries. I may pull this one out again in the summertime too.


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