Mango Cherry Hurricanes


As a souvenir from my first visit to N’awlins, I had to bring home some hurricane mix. A little bit ironic now… anyways, this double-rum juice-heavy cocktail is a crowd pleaser and a sure party starter. It is the recognized ‘signature’ drink of the Big Easy. However, there are those that protest today’s Bourbon Street foot-long pitchers of syrupy sweet mixtures.

But as always, to heck with expectations. I had some hurricane mix waiting to be enjoyed, some spiced rum, a can of mango and a sunny day calling my name.

Try your own version at home with whatever type of juice you enjoy. Pineapple, mango, guava, lemon, orange, cherry, or passion fruit (the true original) are all delightful choices. You can even mix and match multiple. As long as there’s rum! Preferably 1:1 light and dark, but dark is all I had, so I just doubled up 😉


  • 1 can mango + juice
  • 1 package hurricane mix
  •  1 cup spiced rum
  • Optional: cherries or other fruit for garnish


Step 1: Mix the hurricane mix & water in a large container. Depending on how many you are making, adjust recipe. This is for four drinks’ worth.


Step 2: In a blender, blend the mango in its own juice until smooth.


Step 3: In a large glass, add crushed ice 2/3 way full. Pour in 1/2 cup mix, 2-3 shots of rum (depending how strong you want it), and top with mango.

To make a large pitcher full, you won’t get the pretty layers, but simply mix 1 cup rum, 2 cups mix, and 1 cup mango. Adjust up to whatever volume you want. Then pour at will.

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