The best cold remedy: A Hot Toddy


We all know the feeling, the scratchy throat, the headaches, the general malaise and fatigue. Oh no, here comes a cold! Even if you get a flu shot, exercise regularly, eat well, always wash your hands, and avoid human contact, sometimes you’re going to get sick.

There are oodles of home recipes and remedies, some of which do help (boiling water and tea tree oil, breathing in that steam is the best!) and some that are totally bogus (I don’t know if chewing garlic actually works but it tastes awful). If you are able to make chicken soup, there really is something about it that’s magic.

But when you can hardly leave bed, and DayQuil just isn’t working, this may help you out: A Hot Toddy. As old fashioned as it sounds, it’s a classic for a reason. Honey is soothing to a sore throat, and may be an effective cough suppressant. Lemon juice is antibacterial and antiviral, which may help reduce the time you’re sick by weakening the bug that’s weakening you.

Cold & Flu Fix: Hot Toddy

And as for whiskey, alcohol helps dilate blood vessels, making your membranes better able to deal with the mucus. Of course, alcohol is also a diuretic, meaning it pulls water from your body, so be sure to limit yourself to ONE per day, and also keep drinking plenty of other hydrating fluids (see: soup.) like water, tea, or sports drinks with electrolytes.

Hot Toddies: The Best Cold & Flu Remedy


  • 1 tbsp honey
  • 1 oz whiskey
  • 1 tbsp fresh lemon juice
  • 4 oz hot water

Hot Toddy Ingredients

Step 1: Put the lemon juice and honey in a glass. Heat the water to not quite boiling, and pour over. Mix until honey dissolves. Add whiskey and enjoy warm*.

*Obviously, please drink responsibly. Of course, if you have a serious cold or the flu, you likely aren’t leaving the house, let alone driving heavy machinery. Hope this helps you feel better soon!


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