Happy Holidays!


Happy Holidays dear readers!

As we roll on towards the end of the year, all the festivities await. The Budget Epicurean will be taking a little hiatus this year, to focus on family and memories and food! I wish you all the very best, and look forward to rejoining the blogosphere in 2019.

To keep you satiated until then, please enjoy some classics over the years from the archives:

And if that just isn’t enough, feel free to head on over to the Archives page, where every single post (650+!) is listed out by category.


6 thoughts on “Happy Holidays!”

    1. Hah, Christmas classics indeed. Everything is wonderful, can’t wait to update y’all in 2019! We *must* hang out soon. Hope you are all moved in and snuggled up in the new farmhouse, warmest of wishes this holiday season to the Groovy household!

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