Bacon-wrapped pork roast

Does that title say what I think it says? Firstly, BACON. So that’s a magic word in its own right. Then, pork roast. Those are fantastic. Combined? *Cue fireworks*

This happened because bacon was on sale, and that’s the kind of thing you just don’t pass up, regardless if there’s a plan for it yet, because there soon will be. So I had a pound of bacon in the refrigerator. After thinking a long time about the endless possibilities, I decided that bacon-wrapped other meats is always delicious. (I apologize, any vegetarian or vegan readers. I’ll have a vegetarian lasagna post or something for you soon, I promise). If you’re interested in knowing more about what you can do with a part of a pig, see my New Year’s Eve post.

1 2-3 pound roast
1 head garlic
1 pound bacon

 Step 1: Brown the roast on all sides, just to char it. Slice slits in it and insert garlic cloves randomly. This will infuse the meat with garlic flavor, yum!

Step 2: Wrap the roast in bacon. I used four pieces width-wise then three pieces length-wise overtop. Oh yes. I took a piece of a pig, and wrapped it in another piece of pig. The rest of the pound of bacon became part of breakfast.

 It’s like a little bacon-wrapped-pork football.

 Men of the world, behold its splendor.

Step 3: Place in a crock pot on low ~6 hours or high 4-5. Mine was still partly frozen so I left it in there on high for about 7 hours to make sure everything cooked fully.

Serve with whatever carb you like or just eat it alone with your hands, whatever suits you. No judgment.

What’s your favorite way to use bacon?

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