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Birthday Dirt Cake


As a kid, I was always given the choice of what cake to have for my birthday.  Sometimes I’d pick chocolate, sometimes white cake, sometimes pie.  And then I discovered dirt cake.

Dirt cake is aptly named, because it looks like dirt.  It is essentially just chocolate pudding topped with crushed Oreo cookies.  But the combination looks very much like mud and dirt, especially when the finishing touch is added: gummy worms.  Trust me, kids love it!  Kids of all ages.  🙂

Give it a try and see how easy to make it is.  I had it as a young kid, and late into my 20s I still request it.



  • 2 packs chocolate pudding (or homemade)
  • 12 or so Oreo-style cookies
  • Optional: gummy worms


Step 1: Make the pudding according to directions (or if you’re ambitious, make it from scratch) and chill.


Step 2: Put the cookies in a sealable plastic bag, and crush with a rolling pin or your fist.


Step 3: Top the pudding with the crushed cookies.  If you wish, add gummy worms, or other candies to decorate.  Enjoy!